Compiling a ContractΒΆ

To compile a contract, use:

vyper yourFileName.vy

You can also compile to other formats such as ABI using the below format:

vyper -f ['abi', 'bytecode', 'bytecode_runtime', 'ir', 'asm', 'source_map', 'method_identifiers', 'combined_json'] yourFileName.vy

It is also possible to use the -f json option, which is a legacy alias for -f abi.


Since .vy is not officially a language supported by any syntax highlighters or linters, it is recommended to name your Vyper file ending with .py in order to have Python syntax highlighting.

An online compiler is available as well, which lets you experiment with the language without having to install Vyper. The online compiler allows you to compile to bytecode and/or LLL.


While the vyper version of the online compiler is updated on a regular basis it might be a bit behind the latest version found in the master branch of the repository.